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Lipstick Power Bank Charger 2600ma W/Micro USB Cable

                    for micro and iphone3/4 10 color





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Partially Updated
BAU105Suitable for Audiovox/ UTStarcom CDM-105 / CDM-7000/ CDM-7100 
BAU120Suitable for UTStarcom CDM-7025 / CDM-120 
BAU8600Suitable for Audiovox CDM-8600 
BAU8900Suitable for Audiovox CDM-8900 
BAU8910Suitable Audiovox CDM-8615/ CDM-8910/ Vox-8610/ PM-8912/ Flasher V7 
BAU8915Suitable for Pantech PN-215 / PN-212
Suitable for UTStarcom CDM-8915 / Snapper
Suitable for Pantech PN-300
BAU9100Suitable for Audiovox CDM9100 CDM9155  
BAU9900Suitable for Audiovox CDM-9900/ CDM-9950
Suitable for Toshiba VM4050
BB6510Suitable for BB 6210/ 6220/ 6230/ 6280/ 6510/ 6710/ 6720/ 6750/ 7210/ 7230/ 7250/ 7280/ 7290/ 7510/ 7520/ 7730/ 7750/ 7780/ T2 & Nextel 6510/ 7510 
BBB7100Suitable for BB 7100g/ 7100i/ 7100r/ 7100t/ 7100v/ 7100x/ 7105t/ 7130e 
BB8100Suitable for BB 8100 
BB8130Suitable for BB 8130 
BB8300Suitable for BB 8300 
BBB8700Suitable for BB 8300 8320 8310 7100g 7100i 7100t 7100v 7100x 7105t 7130c 7130e 7130g 8700c 8700f 8700g 8700r 8700v 8703e 8705g 8707g 8707v 
BBB8800Suitable for BB 8800/8830 (1200mAh) 
BERJ300Suitable for Sony Ericsson J300a D750 K750i W550 W600 W700 W710 W800 W810 Z520 Z300aslimmer than regular W800
BERP900Suitable for Sony/ Ericsson P800/ P900/ P910 
BERS710Suitable for Sony Ericsson S700 S700i S710a Z600 
BERT616Suitable for Sony Ericsson T608/ T610/ T616/ T630/ T637 
BERW580ISuitable for Sony Ericsson W580i K800 K850 S500i T650 C902i 
BERW800Suitable for Sony Ericsson K750 K750C K750i W800i K600 K600i D750 K608i W550i Z520i W600 K610i W300i 710C 710i Z550c Z550i W700i W810i W810C W810 W810i Z530i Z520 J220 
BERZ500Suitable for Sony Ericsson K700i/ T226/ T230/ T237/ Z200/ Z500 
BERZ530Suitable for Sony Ericsson K790c/ K790i/ K800c/ K800i/ J100a/ J100c/ J100i/ M600c/ M600i/ M608c/ V800/ V802SE/ W300c/ W300i/ W850/ W900c/ W900i/ W950c/ W950i/ Z530c/ Z530i Z800, Z800i 
BERT68BKSuitable for Sony Ericsson T68/ T68i 
BHTC3125Suitable for HTC 3125 DOPOD S300 
BHTC8525Suitable for HTC TyTN/ 8525 / P4000 Titan /JasJam / Hermes/ Mogul XV6800 PPC6800/ XV6700 PPC-6700 
BHTC8925Suitable for HTC Tilt 8925 / TyTN II (Kaiser) 
BHTCMDASuitable for HTC Wizard/ 8100/ 9100/ 8125/ MDA/ K-JAM 
BHTCP3300Suitable for HTC P3300/ SPV/ M650
Suitable for Dopod P800w P800
BHTCS620Suitable for HTC Dash / S620 / S621(Excalibur) O2 XDA Cosmo 
BHTCS630Suitable for HTC S630 Cavalier 100 Dopod C730 
BHTCSHSuitable for HTC Shadow 
BHTCTOUCHSuitable for HTC Touch GSM CDMA P3450 Elf Dopod S1 O2 XDA Nova 
BHTCWINGSuitable for HTC Wing P4350 Herald PDA 
BHTCXV6800Suitable for HTC Mogul XV6800 PPC6800 
BKYE2000Suitable for Kyocera Tempo E2000 
BKYK132Suitable for Kyocera K126 K126c K-126 K-126c, K127 K-127 Marbl, K132 K-132, M1000 M-1000 Lingo, M1000 M-1000 Wild Card, S1000 S-1000 
BKYK323Suitable for Kyocera K312 K322 K323 K325 Cyclops  
BKYK612Suitable for Kyocera K612 Strobe / SwitchBack KX21 
BKYKE413Suitable for Kyocera Blade/ Phantom/ Rave/ 3225/ 3245/ 3250/ K7/ K9/ KE413/ KE413C/ KE414/ KE414C/ KE423/ KE423C/ KE424/ KE424C/ KE433/ KE434/ KE434C/ KX413/ KX414/ KX433/ KX434/ KX9/ KX444 
BKYKX1Suitable for Kyocera SOHO/ KX1/ KX1i/ KX1v/ K4130 
BKYKX13Suitable for Kyocera Candid KX16 / Dorado KX13 / KX12 / Xcursion KX160 
BKYKX2Suitable for Kyocera Koi KX2 
BKYKX5Suitable for Kyocera KX5 Slider Remix/ Slide Sonic/ KX18/ Jet/ Angel 
BKYSE47Suitable for Kyocera SE47/ SE44/ V5/ Slider 
BLG3100Suitable for LG VX-3100 / 3100A / TM250 
BLG3200Suitable for LG AX4270/ AX4750/ AX5000/ LX225/ LX325/ LX535/ MM535/ PM225/ PM325/ UX5000/ VI125/ VX1000/ VX3200/ VX3300/ VX3400/ VX3450/ VX4650/ VX4700/ VX4750/ VX5200/ VX5300/ VX6100/ VX8100/ VX8300/ AX245/ UX245/ UX210 
BLG3200ESuitable for LG VX3200 Extended Battery 1400mAh with Battery Door 
BLG4010Suitable for LG G4010/ G4011 
BLG4050Suitable for LG G4050/ 4050 
BLG510SSuitable for LG DM-510/ SP-510/ TM-510/ TP-1100 
BLG5350Suitable for LG LX5350 
BLGAX275Suitable for LG AX275 AX380 UX380 WAVE 
BLGC2000Suitable for LG C2000 
BLGCG225Suitable for LG CU320/ CG300/ CG225 
BLGCU400Suitable for LG CU400/ CU-400/ CU405/ CU-405 
BLGCU500Suitable for LG CU500/ CU-500 
BLGKG800Suitable for LG KG800 KG90 CHOCOLATE 
BLGL1400Suitable for LG L1400 
BLGLX160Suitable for LG LX160 
BLGLX260Suitable for LG AX260 LX260 RUMOR SCOOP 
BLGLX550Suitable for LG LX550 FUSIC 
BLGS5200Suitable for LG S5200 
BLGVX10000Suitable for LG VX10000 VOYAGER 
BLGVX1200Suitable for LG LX1200 LX-1200 
BLGVX4500Suitable for LG VX4500 VX-4500 
BLGVX5550Suitable for LG LX5550/ VX5550 
BLGVX6000Suitable for LG VX6000 VX-6000 
BLGVX7000Suitable for LG VX7000 VX-7000 
BLGVX8500Suitable for LG Chocolate VX-8500 VX8500 
BLGVX8550Suitable for LG Chocolate 2 VX-8550 VX8550 
BLGVX8600Suitable for LG VX8600/ VX-8600/ AX8600/ AX-8600 
BLGVX8700Suitable for LG VX8700 VX-8700 
BLGVX8800Suitable for LG VX8800 VENUS  
BLGVX9400Suitable for LG VX9400/ VX-9400 
BLGVX9800Suitable for LG VX-9800/ VX9800 
BLGVX9900Suitable for LG VX-9900/ VX9900 ENV 
BMK1MSuitable for Motorola K1m/ C290/ V190/ V195/ Q/ V235/ W315/ W385/ A1200/ V360/ V323/ V325/ W490/ W510/ W5/ ROKR Z6M/ Z6TV Suitable for Motorola Nextel i580/ i880/ i885 
BML7Suitable for Motorola C257/ C261/ K1 KRZR GSM / L6 / L7 SLVR/ L2 RAZR V3x 
BML7CSuitable for Motorola C257 /C261 /K1 KRZR GSM / L6 /L7C SLVR CDMA/ L7 SLVR/ L2 RAZR/ V3x RAZR MAX VE/ Z3 RIZR/ 
BMPX220Suitable for Motorola MPx220 
BMQ9Suitable for Motorola Q9m Q9c 
BMQESuitable for Motorola Q (Extended) 
BMT720Suitable for Motorola T720 T721 T722 T731 C331 C332T C343 C353 E310 V810 
BMV120Suitable for Motorola V120 
BMV171Suitable for Motorola C155 V150 V151 V170 V171 A860 A840 E815 E816 V710 
BMV3Suitable for Motorola RAZR V3 V3c V3i V3m U6 PEBL 
BMV300RSuitable for Motorola Nextel i30sx/ i35s/ i50sx/ i50sr/ i55sr/ i58sr/ i85s/ i88s/ i60c/ i90c/ i95cl/ i205/ i305/ i530/ i730/ i733/ i860/ i870/ i930 Suitable for Motorola V-60c/ V-60g/ V-60i/ V-60t/ Timeport-P270c/ Timeport-P280/ E550/ V80/ V260/ V262/ V265/ V300/ V360/ V400/ V500/ V505/ V525/ V535/ V545/ V547/ V550/ V551/ V555/ V600/ V620 
BMV3XXSuitable for Motorola MOTORAZR V3xx 
BMV60Suitable for Motorola Nextel i30sx/ i35s/ i50sx/ i50sr/ i55sr/ i58sr/ i85s/ i88s/ i60c/ i90c/ i95cl/ i205/ i305/ i530/ i730/ i733/ i860/ i870/ i930 Suitable for Motorola V-60c/ V-60g/ V-60i/ V-60t/ Timeport-P270c/ Timeport-P280  
BMV70Suitable for Motorola V70 
BMV8Suitable for Motorola RAZR2 V8, RAZR2 V9 GSM, RAZR2 V9m CDMA 
BN3300Suitable for Nokia 6800/ 6010/ 3595/ 3589i/ 3588i/ 3587i/ 3586i/ 3585i/ 3585/ 3570/ 3560/ 3520/ 3395/ 3390/ 3360/ 2260/ 1261/ 1260/ 1221 
BN51/61Suitable for Nokia Nokia 3285 5110 5120 5125 5160 5165 5170 5180 5185 5190 6110 6120 6160 6160i 6161 6162 6168 6170 6180 6185 7160 7190 
BN6255Suitable for Nokia 6275i/ 6256i/ 6255i/ 6236i/ 6235i / 6236/ 6155i/ 6019i/ 6016i/ 6015i/ 2115i / 2116i / 2125 / 2126 / 2128i/ Shorty/ N-Gage/ N-Gage QD/ 1110/ 1112/ 6822/ 6085/ 6086/ 2610/ 6165i/ 6030/ 6682/ 6600/ 6230/ 6820/ 3100/ 7610/ 3650/ 1100/ 2270/ 2285/ 2275/ 2128i/ 1600/ 3650/ 3620/ 3600/ 3155i/ 3120/ 3100 
BN7250Suitable for Nokia 7250i/ 7210/ 6610/ 6585/ 6560/ 6225/ 6200/ 3300/ 3205/ 3200 
BN90Suitable for Nokia 2135, 2365i, 2366i, 3220, 3230, 5140, 5300, 6020, 6021, 6061, 6062, 7260, N80, N90 
BN95Suitable for Nokia N93i N93 N95 E65 6290 
BNE62Suitable for Nokia 9500 N92 E62 E61 7770 7710 
BNX402Suitable for Motorola Nextel ic502 Buzz/ ic402 Blend/ i425t Boost/ i335
Suitable for Motorola T-MOBILE Sidekick Slide
BNX830Suitable for Motorola Nextel i830 i833 i836 
BPAL690Suitable for PALM CENTRO C690 GSM C685 CDMA 
BSK3Suitable for Sidekick 3 / Sidekick iD 
BSKLXSuitable for Sidekick LX 
BSSA530Suitable for Samsung A530 
BSSA620Suitable for Samsung A620/ VGA1000 
BSSA630Suitable for Samsung A630 
BSSA645Suitable for Samsung A580 A640 A645 A420 T719SAME AS M300 BUT THICKER
BSSA650Suitable for Samsung A650 
BSSA660Suitable for Samsung A660/ VI660 
BSSA670Suitable for Samsung A670 A671 A672 
BSSA680Suitable for Samsung A680 / VM-A680 
BSSA707Suitable for Samsung A707 A717 A727 Sync T819 
BSSA737Suitable for Samsung A737 
BSSA740Suitable for Samsung A740 
BSSA850Suitable for Samsung A850 
BSSA880Suitable for Samsung A880 
BSSA900Suitable for Samsung T809 A900 D820 T900 D807 T629 P300 P308 D828 V740 
BSSA940Suitable for Samsung A940 A970 
BSSA950Suitable for Samsung A950 
BSSD410Suitable for Samsung D415 D410 
BSSE105Suitable for Samsung E105 X426 X427 
BSSE316Suitable for Samsung E315 E316 E317 
BSSE398Suitable for Samsung E398 
BSSE600Suitable for Samsung E600 
BSSE635Suitable for Samsung E630 E635 E638 
BSSE640Suitable for Samsung E640 
BSSI607Suitable for Samsung i607 i325 A827 Access M800 INSTINCT 
BSSI617Suitable for Samsung i617 BlackJack 2  
BSSM300Suitable for Samsung A117 D347 Helio Heat M250 M300 M500 M510 M610 R400 T219 Stripe T329 T429 T609 T619 U420 U520 A580 A640 A645 A420 T719THINNER THAN BSS645
BSSR410Suitable for Samsung R410 R200 
BSSX497Suitable for Samsung T209 X495 X496 X497 
BSY200Suitable for Sanyo 200 VI2300 
BSY3100Suitable for Sanyo 3100 2400 7050 
BSY3200Suitable for Sanyo 3200 
BSY4500Suitable for Sanyo 4500 
BSY5300Suitable for Sanyo 5300 
BSY5400Suitable for Sanyo RL2500 5400 
BSY5500Suitable for Sanyo 5500 VM4500 
BSY5600Suitable for Sanyo 5600 
BSY6600Suitable for Sanyo Katana / Sprint SCP-6600 
BSY6650PK / BSY6650SILSuitable for Sanyo 6650 KATANA 2 
BSY8200Suitable for Sanyo 8200 PM8200 
BSY8300Suitable for Sanyo MM8300 
BSY9000Suitable for Sanyo SCP-9000/ Sprint MM-9000/ ESPN MVP 
BSYM1Suitable for Sanyo M1 
BSYS1Suitable for Sanyo S1 
BTREO600Suitable for Palm Treo 600/610 
BTREO650Suitable for Palm Treo 650/ 700p/ 700w/ 700wx/ Ace 
BTREO680Suitable for Palm Treo 680 
BTREO755Suitable for Palm Treo 755P 
BUT1450Suitable for UTStarcom SuperSlice CDM-1450 
BUT8935Suitable for UTStarcom Mini 8935 CDM-8935 
EBHTC8925Suitable for HTC Tilt8925/ TyTN II (Kaiser) Extended 
EBHTCTOUCHSuitable for HTC Touch GSM/CDMA P3450 extended 
EBHTCXV6800Suitable for HTC Mogul XV6800 PPC6800 Extended 
EBPAL690Suitable for Palm Centro C685 CDMA / C690 GSM Extended 
EBSSI617Suitable for Samsung i617 BlackJack 2 Extended