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Bluetooth Devices /  Hands-free FM Transmitter



For Portable Multi-Functional Speaker System
1. Universal dock to play iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod.
2. Can also be linked to MP3, MP4, Notebook, CD, DVD player and Mobile Phone.
3. Powerful sound system from a modern and compact system.
4. Wireless remote and built-in controls For speaker and iPhone playback.
5. Can be charged while playing by plugged in directly.
6. With remote control.

7. 270*65*70mm.


Bluetooth Bae198 Mini





Oem Motorola Bluetooth Hz700 


OEM Motorola Bluetooth HK110  


 OEM Samsung HM3300 Bluetooth Headset


OEM Samsung BHM 1200 Bluetooth Headset, 



                                                                Oem LG Bluetooth 730, Black 


BlueMocha Bluetooth Speaker w/Built-in Mic, Metallic Black ,Red,Gray 


Mircro USB/ Motorola V8/v9 and v3 FM Transmitter and Hands-free car kit (With Screen and 3.5mm/2.5mm cable)