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Premium Home charger 

V9 and iphone 3-4-5

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 V9 and iphone 3-4-5

3-1 Premium charger 

for V9 and iphone 3-4-5



Heavy Duty 5FT.Long Cord Soft Green LED indicator Regulated Rapid Charge Smart high-quality IC Chip (OEM MC34063A) Innovative Comfortable Hand-Grip Rubberized body texture Quality design for maximum durability


 The grabit Premium Home / Travel Charger maintains the highest standards of any Travel chargers in the industry. It not only has styles but also has durability with it’s "rubberized" texture and a radiant LED light that will ensure no harm to your eyes. It comes with the OEM 34063 IC chip. The stylish packaging makes it an easy sale as it allows clients to try its connection without removing it from its packaging.